Should I be worried?

Married 7 years and used condoms the whole time and now finally felt ready and have been ttc 9 months now. Im 27 and hubby is 30.

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hashimotos) a couple months ago which Ive been treating and has improved and my periods are usually always late by a few days but I do ovulate.

Doc thinks it cant be the hypothyroidism or etc and to not overthink it. Also hubby will get checked after a year too. So Im trying hard to be positive, but I just dont get why it hasnt happened yet. It doesnt make it any easier that everyone around us is pregnant. 😭

Doc thinks I shouldnt worry, that maybe its my body readjusting to no longer using protection so my hormones could be all over the place. Anyone else use protection or birth control for a long time before ttc and had it take this long for you?