Y’all I feel stupid !!! [title edited by Glow]


Here’s some backstory first: my oldest is 5 yo so while pregnant with her I had a baby shower and got everything I needed fast forward to 2017 I had my second daughter of course having another girl I didn’t have a baby shower and also cps got involved and so I didn’t have her for the first 6 months of her life she was also a preemie born at 32 weeks didn’t have any problems though she came early bc of chronic preeclampsia. She’s now 19 months so needless to say I didn’t need all the necessities for her being a newborn.

K fast forward to now I am 36 weeks tomorrow with my third babygirl and I’m sitting here completely dumbfounded on wth I need we’ll still need for my baby girls arrival I honestly feel stupid as hell even posting this but hoping you ladies could help me out so I can make a check list and make sure I have what I need I do have some things but I feel like when I had my oldest I had absolutely everything but that being almost 6 years ago and idk if it’s pregnancy brain or what but I just wanna make sure