Anatomy scan - 1 of 2?

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We had our anatomy scan this morning and apparently it will be one of at least two, but possibly many.

From everything that could be seen SHE (YES ITS A GIRL!) looks great (a bit big), but she was breech and refused to flip over so getting a decent look at her kidneys, spine etc. was pretty much impossible. They also said they couldn’t see all the angles of her heart that they needed to so they’ll give it one more shot in two weeks before sending me to a fetal heart specialist at the major hospital in my state.

It does make me a little worried that we couldn’t see and get the okay on all her vital organs but she’s definitely growing with a good, strong heartbeat so I will try to relax with that for now. It also looks like she’s got some pretty long limbs which is neat although my poor son just might end up being outgrown by his little sister (he’s quite short but such a cutie)!

Lastly - she’s very definitely a GIRL! My husband and I are so thrilled to have a daughter in addition to a son. Even my son who was hoping for a brother was happy to see his sister on the screen today ☺️

Anyway! Here are the prints we got of her today! If anyone has had to go back for follow ups on the anatomy scan please do share with me your experience!