low sperm count😔


hello ladies. so my fiance and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 14 months now and still no luck. so I decided that I wanted us to both got tested to make sure everything is okay. He really didn't even want to be tested in the first first place but I basically had to beg him for him to say yes. all tests came back good on my end but when we got his sperm analysis it came back with low sperm count. we got this news a few days ago and ever since then I have been heartbroken over it. I mean, we have already been trying for over a year and while, we can probably still do it, I know this will cause it to take a lot longer to get pregnant. the worst part is, he doesn't even seem to care. and it just really hurts to see how okay he is with it when I'm falling apart. I just feel like he's not as into this as I am. and that also hurts. and it sucks that every time I try to talk to him and explain how I am feeling, he just says that its okay and I shouldn't stress out about it. but how can I not? with this being said, there is a slight chance that these results are not entirely accurate because we did not wait the full 48 hours after ejaculation to test, we only waited about 38 hours. I have read that this can sway results. does anybody have any experience with this at all?? could these results be wrong because we didn't wait? I have had to beg him to get another analysis and he finally agreed. so he is going to take another test next week. I am hoping and praying that we find some answers very soon, but in the meantime if anyone has had any experience with your SO having low sperm count, I am hoping you'll share your story or give me some advice. thanks everyone!