No name at 24 weeks 😔


My husband and I can’t seem to agree on a name for our baby boy. We had a name but a few family members and close friends thought it was ugly, so, we chose another name and then noticed a lot of our fb friends who just had babies, named their kids the same name and the name was more popular than we thought. We then came to the conclusion that I would pick the first name, and he would choose the middle but together both names had to flow. But either I choose a name he doesn’t like or he picks some foreign or off the wall name that I’m just like wtf to 😂. And I’m really starting to get frustrated because choosing a name should not be this hard!!!! We were trying to name the baby something unique or a name that stands out to where when ppl hear it they know exactly who he is. For example, Lebron James. Everybody knows Lebron James because there is only one Lebron James and when ppl hear that name they think of basketball. Also we were trying to use a “B” name as the first name because our other son’s name starts with a B. Helllpppp!!

***Just using Lebron James as an example, nothing personal.