Newborn in public


Hi everyone! So I know doctors usually suggest not having your newborn out in public for the first 6-8 weeks or between the first 2-3 months even. Problem is my mom is getting married about a week or 2 after my due date. If my sweet little girl comes early or on time we really want to go to the wedding still! Especially to at least get some fancy pictures and be around for the occasion.

We’ve thought about keeping our baby girl in a hotel room with a family member during the whole event, or possibly just during the reception when everyone will be up and moving. And no matter what we will obviously take all the precautions...have her on us at all times, make people wash their hands, nobody sick can come close, etc. but I’m still nervous obviously being a new mom. And she will be so new.

What do u think?? I’m struggling with this.

Pic for attention. Me a few weeks ago 😍. My bump is starting to come in nicely!