Advice needed


First time mom and breastfeeding. Baby is 15 days old and I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. My milk came in within 48 hours of delivery and with the exception of needing a nipple shield, he’s done great with latch and eating. Within 4 days he was back to birth weight and within 8 days he was exceeding birth weight. The past few days he’s been very cranky while nursing. He’ll fuss, throw what seems like a temper tantrum and SCREAM after maybe 8-12 minutes of nursing.... I initially thought colic, acid reflux, or gas, but he is only ever fussy when nursing. I did try gas drops once just to see if that would help, but it did nothing. My milk supply has been excellent, to the point that I’ve had to pump some just to relieve the pressure of so much milk. I am at my wits end with these tantrums and have no idea what to do.

Any advice or ideas on what may be causing these tantrums and fussiness?