DeAnna • DS-6/08❣️DD-12/10❣️DS-5/13❣️DS-3/16👼-12wks7/18 👼-6.5wks 8/29

I had confirmed viable pregnancy at 5 weeks 4 days... saw a tiny flickering heart.

Then for them to get a better look at the heart to make sure it progresses pasted the fetal pole stage .. ultrasound at 8 weeks wonderful heart rate.

I went in for my NT ultrasound at 11 weeks 4 days... I saw my baby motionless on the screen. Couldn’t find a HB and I guess my baby was only measuring 9 weeks 4 days.

I would be 12 weeks 2 days today, my body still doesn’t realize my baby is gone. D&C; scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am so heartbroken, it’s crazy how fast and how much you love something so small. Good luck ladies with your pregnancies. I don’t wish this on anyone and wish you all the very best.