help? normal?


I’m attractive to my stepmom.. and I’m a female. I’m not bisexual or gay.. I’m straight but there is something about my stepmom that I like, I like that she cares for me even though I only see her every summer and all but I like her a lot, not by looks (well maybe that too) but by personality and caring for me even though I’m not her daughter. My stepmom and my father has been married for 11 years.. and they already have twins one boy one girl and they’re both turning 2 soon. But as a mom it’s hard for her to take care of twins by herself when my dad isn’t home. (He’ll be at work ~ he’s a cop he works night shifts and gets home tired) so I usually help her out once an a while.. well my mom on the other hand is a nurse and works night shifts as well and she’s a single mother with 3 girls including me (different dad but same mom. my one sister is 6 my other one is 9 turning 10). I don’t live with my mom anymore not until she figures things out with her job. anyway... my stepmom didn’t raise me or anything but I did meet her when I was about 4 years old and ever since then I see the both of them and my stepsister every summer including my siblings (the twins). Again, I’m not gay or bisexual but I do like my stepmom like like that.. me and my stepmom stayed up all night yesterday until 3:30 in the morning!! just me and her and that’s what got me and her closer as in like a great “friendship” bond. But I’m curious.. is it normal that I’m a female and I like my stepmom in a different way even though I’m not gay??