Comfortable Sex Positions for those struggling with Vaginismus?

I S L A 🦋⚡

I'm 21, and I've had vaginismus since the very first time I tried penetrative sex at age 18.

The first time, I was incredibly turned on and felt completely comfortable with the man I was with. But, he could not get in AT ALL. (He was incredibly supportive and understanding, but even when we tried again another time, it was still impossible.)

Now, I have a different sexual partner. I explained to him about this condition, and he has been very understanding. We tried penetrative sex yesterday, and he has gotten further in than any other guy. Still, he couldn't get in very far, and every time he tried deeper penetration, it was PAINFUL.

I'm wondering about positions that may ease the pain/pressure of him trying to go deeper. I desperately want him to go deeper, and the fact that he already achieved more than other guys have has given me hope.

Any suggestions?

(I don't know if it matters, but my vaginismus means that I only have trouble with penises. Tampons, fingers, etc. are fine.)