COMMENT DOWN BELOW! I’m not the only one !

Isis💕 • ✨Mom of 3 💗💗💙 Married❤️

Hey ladies are any of you ladies like me? Already have names picked out? A vision of how you want your baby boy or girl nursery to look? Or am I just crazy ?😂😂 no I’m not pregnant yet but it doesn’t mean we can’t dream!!

Baby Girl name

🎀Valenn Reign🎀

✨Would love her nursery to be something similar ✨to this if not the same 😊

Baby boy’s name

💙Ky’Lon Jace💙

💙Would love to decorate his nursery like this 😊

I know I’m not the only one ladies ! Drop your comments of your future baby name and what you would like their nursery’s to be like 😊😊