Stressin’ 😩


I got my IUD Mirena removed June 19th so that my SO and I can TTC (I ovulated with the IUD, I just didn’t track it 😑). I started AF for the first time in years on June 22nd, and it lasted 5 days. I use the GLOW and Ovia apps to track my cycle, and they both say that today and tomorrow are my 2 most fertile days, but I took 2 ovulation test and they are both negative. I’ve also been taking ovulation test every single day, sometimes twice a day. My test were getting darker and so close to being a +, so it was all adding up that I would ovulate when the apps said, until yesterday I got a super faint line, not even close to a + now I’m getting discouraged. I don’t wanna stress, TTC is a lot harder than I anticipated 😩. I’ll post a pic of all my tests in the comments.

Has anyone else had this happen?! What should I do?!

Side note: We got pregnant with my 3 y/o on the first try.