(EDITED) Threatened miscarriage???

so I’m 6 weeks pregnant. I went to the ER for bleeding yesterday and they said it was a threatened miscarriage? I’m not quite sure how to feel I guess. They said I could still have a normal pregnancy or I could have a full miscarriage. I’m so so scared.


Okay so I went to the ER for bleeding. I was 6 weeks. After the ER visit and the ultrasound I was told my HCG went down a about 100 and the ultrasound showed the the gestational sac was really low. I’m still bleeding and its been 3 days since the ER. I’m not seeing any big clots, mostly small and I’m scared to death. If my HCG went down like that is there no chance?? Doctor said my cervix is closed and it’s just sorta oozing blood I guess. I don’t go to the OB again until Tuesday too know but I can’t stand waiting.