The End is in Sight!


I just had my 38 week appt (38w,2d today). Last week, he brought up a possible induction, due to having a higher BP. He says I have Chronic Hypertension. It's usually a little higher - 130s/80s. Today it was 138/90. He checked me and I am still completely closed. And my baby is a big girl. He's estimating 8.5 to 9 lbs already. So they had me do the Fetal Non-Stress Test. That looked good. They checked my BP again and it was 138/82. So he said at this rate, he wants me to go to the hospital on Sunday for another NST and BP check. And depending on the results of my BP then, they'll either keep me and start induction, or they'll induce me Tuesday. He said at this point, there's little to gain in keeping her in longer based off my BP and her weight. FTM here - so freaking out a little! But super excited at the same time and just ready to be done with all the extra BP checks and other related tests ❤️