Overly sensitive?!

So I know that my pregnancy hormones are in overdrive, but I just got so upset by something and my husband totally doesn't get it. We just took a long walk around our neighborhood with the dog and our two kiddos, and walked right by our next door neighbor's mom's house. ALL of our neighbors, who I thought we were close with, were all grilling and swimming in her pool with the kids. We awkwardly waved hi, but it was obvious we weren't invited. It felt crappy because I've had issues in the past with feeling lonely and excluded, and I felt bad for my kids seeing their friends. I kinda broke down and my husband just brushed it off, thinking I was overreacting. It also stinks because we move every few years for my husband's job and I never feel included anywhere we go. Anyway, I posted anonymously because I feel a little embarrassed and childish, but you guys can hopefully relate to the sensitive bit 😆