I’m so hurt

So my boyfriend has been faithful for months, at least to my knowledge. We had a baby two weeks ago, a daughter.. I really thought she’d be the reason not to cheat on me anymore.. I know dumb, right? But anyways, she’s two weeks old, and I’ve felt somethings off the last few days. Well I go into his search history and see POF on one of his last searched... I’ve backed off him completely and haven’t accused him and yet he’s still blaming me for not trusting him.. little does he know I was just beginning to fully trust him again. He won’t even log in for me to see the extent of it.. like if he’s trying to meet other people. I don’t know what to even do anymore. I’m so depressed. I’m the one who worked until my due date, while he stayed home every day with no job playing video games and basketball and hanging out with his friends.. im the one who put two months rent deposit down on our apartment because his criminal history, and that was the only way we could get our own place while I was 8 months pregnant. Using all the money I had saved up. I’m the one who’s been paying rent and bills by myself. I’ve done so much for this man, gave him his first child who he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of, he’s a good dad he really is, better than good. I don’t understand. I mean I do, it’s me clearly. No matter what I do I’ll never be able to make him love me, I’ll never be good enough. He has a history of cheating, and I didn’t know until I was well along in my pregnancy. He talked to hundreds of other women while we were together. He slept with some. Told some how much he loved them, wanted kids with them. I found out all of this while pregnant with his child. I really thought he had changed. Why am I so stupid for believing him anymore, how?! It’s like I know the words coming out of his mouth are bullshit but I don’t wanna believe it. I just wanna be loved like I have loved him. I’ve given him everything. A vehicle and so much money while he’s been jobless. Taken him to get clothes. When I met him he had nothing. Two months into dating him I went and bought him sheets, pillows, a nice comforter because he was using his little sisters old one, living with his mother still. I drove an hour away to see him every weekend. I put every ounce of myself I could into this relationship and it’ll never be good enough. Two years later and I’m still finding dating apps, pictures. What’s wrong with me