Marriage failure?

My husband decided we should by a house in my hometown. We lived a few hours away and he’s from a different state. Well I was able to get a pretty good job before we moved so I’m working, the job is a lot more demanding and stressful than my last job but hey I’m working so I won’t complain. He hasn’t found a job yet and he doesn’t have friends here - hell I have one friend and of course my family so it’s not like I’m overrunning him with that. He also has his grandma here so he’s not totally reliant on only my family either but he hasn’t found a job yet. He has a good resume and he’s had a good number of interviews but the people that really want him it’s a job he doesn’t want. He’s depressed and stressed and taking it out on me. At this point he says super hurtful things about leaving me and giving me the house and he doesn’t care and we haven’t even had our one year marriage anniversary. I feel broken. My depression overall has been at bay since before we met 8 years ago but I feel like I’m battling it harder than ever now. I know a lot of it is his own feeling down about not having a job, but when I get home from work I don’t want to feel like I’m walking on egg shells. If he asks how my day is and I’m honest I hear “at least you have a job” if I say it was a good day I get “well damn at least one of us likes it here” I never asked to move back here I never expected to live here again. But I’m being punished because he decided this was best for everyone (my moms health is bad and my siblings are way younger). I’m just frustrated and I feel so alone right now. His drinking is back to being out of hand and he’s wasting money that should be for bills when I’m at work. I really don’t know what to do. Nothing I say helps, I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it because obviously I don’t want my family to treat him poorly because of it and honestly I don’t want to admit it to even my best friend. It makes me sad. We were so excited to start a family and I don’t even want to try this month my heart feels so shattered from the things he’s said.