Is this amount of blood normal??

I go through about 8 tampons a day, 3 being supers (for mornings and night when I don’t bleed as much) and 5 being ultras (during the day when I bleed the most). I also use 2 pads for leakage, the pad fills up after 4 tampons. I am constantly bleeding, so from the time I take out a tampon to the time I put one in (about 4 minuets so I can clean up) I bleed. I just wanted to know if I should be concerned. In total, I loose about 65-70 grams a day.

This is the one I wear in Tampax Pearl


Since you all suggested the cup I got one yesterday and LOVE IT!!! I have gone 8 hours, no leaks, no changing it! Thanks for convincing me!