🎼I’m bringing sexy back🎼

Share your most erotic and crazy sex stories!!! Feel free to message me if you’re not into the commenting thing but want to share!

Once, my man and I were at a family BBQ and he gave me the “let’s bone” look. Of course, me being the little kink slut that I am, said yes.

We deliberated and decided since everyone was inside, we would go to the pool house and do it.

We get into the lake house and he starts POUNDING me. (Srry for tmi) but we broke like 2 shelves and were being wayyy too loud. After he and I both finish,(rare because I hardly ever orgasm with penetrating alone) My older brother comes and bangs on the window. He comes in and looks at the mess we’ve made and says Dinners ready. We motions to his mouth and says you got a little something(cum from the blowie I gave my now husband)

and walks out. We burst into laughter and clean up a tad before walking out onto the lawn for dinner. When we walk out my entire family is lined up, and claps as we walk out.

By far some of the best sex I’ve had, and the most awkward. 😂😂😂