Dog has become aggressive


The brown and white dog is Bruce. He is a 2 yo and will be 3 in November. He has always been a smart boy... learning sit, speak, shake (and other paw), and lie down before 8 weeks old. He is daddy’s best friend and has always listened to dad instead of mom... almost 3 weeks ago I heard him and the other dog (Max) fighting and went out to find this.....

At about 12 pm tonight we heard them fighting again and I asked my husband to go separate them. After turning on the light so he could see I walk out to see my husband disciplining Bruce. I stood there to see how it was handled and Bruce reared up and started biting my husband’s hands!!! He has multiple wounds on his hand one of which is really deep (hubby’s hands are calloused and I rarely see injuries on them). He says Bruce needs to be put down and has been growling at him recently when gotten on to. I want to find another home and be completely honest to the person before they take him in. He pointed out that what’s to stop him from biting his new owner when we’ve had him since he was 5 weeks old. Am I being too kind hearted or is he giving up to early? Thank you in advance!!