8dpo sad about my bfn


Thinking I’ve been pregnant that last few days has been emotionally well heart breaking 2 years tTC and first round of Fermara ... feels like I have so many symptoms but also know this drug can trick you that way .

8dpo and it has been 7 days sense we had sex! That never happens 3 days tops ... decided to pretend we are not trying to get pregnant.

Best sex ever ! Probably not ever but supper intense. Fuck taking a test every day and thinking about it every second I’m going to enjoy my relationship for what it is ❤️

Sorry for rambling I just know how sucky it is to take a test and have it be negative even though it’s early and everyone on here will tell me too early to tell don’t count your self out till ain’t flow arrives .... well it’s not fun waiting and even holding out for three days can feel like forever. Taking a test on Monday and I am going to enjoy my entire fucking weekend . Even if I’m working it I’m done checking my bbt chart every hour like it’s going to speak to me