Is this a bad name?


I’ve just found out I’m having a little girl and want to call her indiana pronounced Indiarna.

Her full name would be indiana De rozairo (fathers last name)

Dad thinks the names terrible and my 12 year old said she will get bullied in school for it 😫

Is it that bad,really?

I also like india and indigo.


For all those who like the name thank you and for those who don’t thank you too ❤️

We won’t all agree on liking the same names,we won’t all like how some are pronounced...Some names are complicated and some names grow on you.

Some like common names and some like uncommon and it’s all ok! I don’t like common American names like

Brooke,Taylor etc or common uk names like Sarah,John or Katy but I don’t think there discusting just not what I’d choose and we have the right to name our children as we wish.

The uk is very multi cultural and we have names from jahangir and gurtajapel right through to Ben and hannah.I do not feel indiana no matter whether the A sound goes up or down (only way I can describe it) is complicated.

i see some of you are getting almost emotional about my name choice calling it ridiculous etc down to suggesting I visit indiana to give my child the name but instead of getting that upset and heated why not just make suggestions? I’m open to all I don’t have a name set in stone I’m still exploring ideas ☺️

I absolutely love the name indiana no matter how mine or dads accent pronounces it ❤️ I just cannot wait for her to be born and see what names suits her...I’m so excited for my baby girl 😆

Thanks everyone for your input ❤️❤️❤️