17 dpo BFN

I'm losing my mind! AF is 2 days late (which is not normal) I'm 17 dpo and have gotten 5 BFN over the past 2 days (2 blue dye early response, 2 pink dye first response and 1 pink dye dollar store). I'm nauseous and exhausted and no sign of AF. We dtd during ovulation days, I also have a 2 year old and 1 angel baby, both of those pregnancies I got bold Bfps before af was even due. Is there hope?!! The waiting game is awful.

also, this is a bit tmi, but when peeing for the $ store test I noticed some tissue like white stuff in my urine, similar to CM. Could this be a sign or am I reaching?

**update! I just realized I somehow mixed up.my days. I am not late. im due to start today (haven't yet) but I'm so upset. I thought I was 2 days late. This means I'm only 14 dpo