Why is the wait sooooo Dam Stressful


This is my 3rd child, last is 16. I feel like this is my first pregnancy. This morning I did not feel pregnant, then I say blood (Brown) when I wiped. No cramping. I don’t feel that my partner understands. She feels I need to relax, but I don’t feel I’m doing more than I should. I’m 39 and want this more than anything right now. I have my first US on Friday but the anticipation is soooo overwhelming. Lord knows, I’m trying my hardest to stay calm. THESE DAYS ARE GOING SOOOOO SLOW!!! thank all you of you ladies.GLOW Has been my sanity, when I don’t feel others will listen or understand (deep sigh)

Had to get that off my chest, aside all this

I’m soooo excited about my baby