Don’t want to be “THAT” pregnant lady

Taylor • Titan Leon ✨ FTM due Aug. 9th 18.

Okay, backstory...

For the past two days I have had some intense cramping (like a heavy day on period cramps) and a Charlie horse type pain on my left side and under ribs as well as some back pain. It’s pretty constant and doesn’t go away even if I drink water and lay down.

Today the pain isn’t AS bad but it’s still there. It’s definitely tolerable and not to where I am like freaking out. My problem is....I haven’t really felt baby move today. I felt a few kicks this morning but nothing since. I drank some SUPER cold water and ate some cold orange slices and am laying on side to start a kick count and see if I can get 10 in an hour.

I just don’t want to be THAT pregnant lady who is always up at hospital. (I’ve gone to ER twice this pregnancy, 1. Round ligiment pain and bleeding and the 2. Bronchitis and was given inhaler)

What would you do? First time mom. 35 weeks and a few days.