Baby scared to go out

I'm a homebody. I would choose staying home over going out. I didn't used to be like this. I used to love getting out and I'd get bored Being at home to long. Around the end of my pregnancy I started staying home more and liking it. Now I have a baby who's 3 months old. We rarely go out. like 1 or 2 times a week. My bfs family keeps saying that it will make her scared of everything.

The other day was my grandparents anniversary and we went to my family's creek to celebrate it. My baby was fine at first but then when she got around a few people she cried and cried. It took an hour to calm her down. When she finally calmed down she was fine. She let everyone hold her and she didn't mind all the people. When I told my bfs parents about this they said it cause I keep her home all the time. I'm scared there right and I'm hurting my daughter in the long run.

the reason I don't go out allot is cause I don't have my own car or license. So when I go somewhere I have to go with other people. I EBF. and I Know for a fact that his family or my family won't take the time to stop the car and let me feed. His family thinks it's okay to feed her in a moving car out of her car seat and my dad just wants to let her cry till we get to our destination. The only person who will stop is my grandmother. Im not scared of going out it's just a lot of work with a booby baby and depending on other people.

I'm just scared I'm hurting my daughter in the long run. What if when she gets older she'll freak our everytime we go somewhere.