My last period started on May 27th, I had sex June 9th, my boyfriend was a virgin prior and it was only his second time, I don’t know if they changes anything though, he didn’t finish at all. Then, June 16th, we had unprotected sex and he finished with the pull out method. I was expecting my period for June 27th so I thought my fertility day was around June 9th or whatever. So June 23rd, I had unprotected sex 2 times, he didn’t finish either time and each time lasted for a short amount of time, like a stroke or two, that’s it. June 27th, my period wasn’t there. I had unprotected sex last week and then again on July 4th and both of those last times, he finished in me. It is now July 7th and still no period, I’m 13 days late, I’ve been testing and the test come back negative. I have been feeling nauseous a lot in the past two days. HELP!