38 weeks and SO hungry! Anyone else?


Anyone else super hungry? I am currently 38 weeks. I had breakfast about 2 hours ago and had strawberries, a breakfast sandwich, a string cheese, a glass of milk and still wasn’t full so I had a small bowl of dry Cheerios. This is WAY more than I normally eat for breakfast and I normally don’t eat lunch for another hour or more. I have had 6 glasses of water to make sure I wasn’t just dehydrated/thirsty. Just now I had to stop from blow drying my hair to get some peanut butter and crackers because I felt FAMISHED. I have only gained about 15 pounds since being pregnant and have never really felt super hungry like I have today. I thought women tended to get less hungry the closer they got to labor but that is not my case at all right now! Is anyone else feeling this way? I’m fine with eating more because clearly my body is telling me to eat but I just kind of found it odd.