How do you tell mother to leave your home!

My husband’s mom has been with us since we gave birth, seven months ago!!! He said it’s their tradition in Africa for his mother to spend three months with me after birth. This woman tried doing crazy things to me. One time she took boiling hot water and said she was going to massage my stomach with it, heck no! Oh hear this, the next night when I came back from the hospital after child birth, she asked me to sit down in a bowl of boiling hot water. I nearly flipped out.!worst thing she’s doing now is giving my baby African food and saying “it’s good for him”. Last night, she soaked her tights in my baby’s bath tub. Oh that’s it! I don’t know how to tell her to leave without being a mean bitch.


I have spoken to my husband, he keeps saying “don’t worry, she’ll leave soon”. The soon does not seem to be happening anytime. I’m losing my sanity with her here


When he speaks to her, she starts crying. What’s making you cry!!! Last weekend, she gave our son this black looking food. My husband told her he is too young to eat it. She said “you ate it, your sisters ate it. Didn’t you turn out fine. You think I’ll hurt my grandchild?”. That’s how this woman out of nowhere started to cry and my husband had to apologise. I don’t know if he is afraid of her.