Dog’s 😒

** NEWS FLASH!!!!! Sorry to inform you guy’s, but I’m allowed to have an opinion and I’m allowed to express it. Now, I know this is impossible for some of you to understand, but it’s how the world works. Sorry thing’s aren’t always done your way or how you see fit. I’ll train my animals however I please. 👌🏻

This woman’s dog likes to get in her kitchen sink and nap there. If this was my dog, instead of turning the water on to scare him out of it like she did, my dog would be getting a swat on the ass. To me that’s unacceptable behavior for a dog. First I would pull my dog out of there and sternly tell her no and if she doesn’t pick up on it after a while, then she’ll get a smack. Not hard, enough for her to realize I mean it and that I’m boss. It blows my mind that people think this is cute or funny. And no, turning the water on him didn’t work.

* I already have animals and kids! So, kiss my ass! 🤗