Baby's father is no where to be found

I had no idea the guy I was dating was married, or anything of that sort. We dated for several months. He would come over and stay at my place for DAYS for goodness sakes. I never thought he had another life outside of ours. We became sexually active together a couple of months in. He was patient, and waited. I thought he loved me. We had so much fun together. My head is spinning from all of this. I guess the condom had a hole, or I don't know what happened. I got pregnant, and I don't know how. We always used protection. I didnt find out I was pregnant until a few months into it, because I was spotting, and It was around the time of my expected periods. I had been drinking normally at that time, not heavily at all. Just wine when we would go out to dinner, and stuff like that. Anyway, I had to go to get my yearly exam, and that's when they broke the news to me. I was devastated because this wasn't planned, and because I had been drinking. I started prenatal care, and told my boyfriend. He seemed so happy throughout the entire time. We planned to move in together, and I thought everything was just so perfect. But, when it was just a week before my due date, he told me he was married and that his decision was to continue his life with his wife. I was, and am so broken. I begged for him to stay so that we could talk to figure something out, and he agreed, but he got really mad when when I asked him why he never told me throughout the whole pregnancy. He told me that he was afraid I might not continue with the pregnancy, and he did want his child to. live. Those were just his values, he said. He left that night, saying he was going to get something to eat, so we could talk, but he never came back. My baby is nearing 2 months old, and I can't find anything about him. My FMLA is going to end soon, and I have to return to work. I have my family, but I need help. He gave me a fake name, I guess. I don't even think he lives in my city. I am shocked that I knew so little about him, when I thought we were going to be together. I am lost, destroyed. I feel so, used, stupid, and I don't know what to do. It's not fair. We didn't do anything to deserve this. Anyway, thanks for listening. I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone what really happened.