Body Problems

hey girls. so i have a little dilemma. i’m not someone who is insecure about my body. but i have two main concerns about it.

1. my stretch marks

i have these stretch marks on my hip/ butt area but they’re not ur typical stretch marks. when i see other girls stretch marks, they look like 2D tiger stripes. but mine look more like bright veins. is that normal? how do i get rid of them

2. i’m not over weight, i weigh about 120 lbs which i say is a healthy weight. but i have weird belly fat. i have skinny arms and regular size legs, but no matter how much i excersize, my stubborn belly fat wont go away. i eat clean, excersize a lot, but nothing. does anyone have specific tips that have worked for you to get rid of belly fat and to have a toned stomach?

thank you so much loves💛