Missed Miscarriage

Danielle • Nov 2017 👼🏼 Ectopic July 2018 👼🏼 Delayed Miscarriage December 2018 2 sacs present 1 empty January 2019 👼🏼 heartbeat stopped Miscarriage 10weeks October 2019 positive test 🤞🏽 Praying for our 🌈

Hey just kind of wanted to seek some advise and reassurance. Briefly, in November last year I suffered ectopic pregnancy that was treated with 2 shots of methotrexate. Beginning of June this year we was blessed with a positive test that was taken away from us this morning when my 7+4 scan showed baby with no heartbeat, it was confirmed I’ve had a missed miscarriage as I’ve had no bleeding and am having surgery tomorrow morning. I’m just wanting to know how you stay positive, keep that brave face, hold everything together and if you’ve experienced something similar hopefully a light at the end of this what it feels never ending tunnel ? Thank you 💛