**Update**. So, I had my redrawn done yesterday in the AM. Last time I had the results back by 5pm followed by a call from my doctor. This time...nothing...my results didn’t post till after midnight. They were 4249. Not a significant increase. Needless to say I cried all night. The last time I had blood drawn (during my miscarriage) my OB Midwife said they wanted to see my number double. Obviously they didn’t double.

I’ve waited all day to hear from my doctor...nothing. Finally at 4pm I called them. The receptionist heed and hawed for a few min and then said she would send a message to the nurse and they would call me back. The office closed at 5 and now it is 6:30. So now I have to wait till Monday to hear anything. So much for a relaxing happy weekend. I turn 43 tomorrow. My husband leaves for work Monday morning and we have no clue when he will be home again.

I wanted answers. I have no one else to call. No other clinic to go to. 1/2 of what I find says the outcome isn’t good. 1/2 says not worry, it’s normal. All I can do is worry. This was my miracle, Rainbow baby,