when everyone moves on

🐵🦉🦖🦊 • SAHM 🧒JEC 5/12/11 🧒CIC 3/20/14 🧒IJC 3/25/16 👼JRC 9/7/17 - 5/31/18

as the mother I will never move on. My pain will never leave me. My heart will always have a hollow spot where my son's love used to be. My knees will always feel weak when I think about all the time I won't get with him... but everyone else will move on. they will get tired of me crying and saying his name. they'll get tired of hearing me say I miss him or wishing he was here. the phone will stop ringing because listening ears will fade. everyone will move on but I'll stay stuck in this grief that will never go away... it's been 6 weeks since my son passed and already I've been left to my own. laying in bed crying myself to sleep wishing I had someone to talk to but I know everyone is sick of hearing it and they've moved on. 6 weeks has felt like a lot of time to them but for me it's felt like hardly a day has passed since the Dr came to me and told me they couldn't do anything else for my son. being a grieving mother is a lonely place sometimes