Holy shit 😐😐


so we had the scare of Our Lives first pregnancy we thought I was 26 weeks I went to the bathroom I noticed there was blood so I immediately text my s o we go to the hospital the next morning after calling the doctor turns out I'm 35 weeks and was already dilating I was 3 cm when I got there I stayed there for 2 days they gave me two shots of steroids did all kinds of tests placenta was fine the cord was fine she's okay now I've got to get stress tests but everything seems to be normal since they let me go home but now if it's even Brown I get a little nervous and I really don't think that if it happens again they'll stop her they may just let her go and come out although I don't want her early if that's what's best for her then so be it I'm just glad her lungs will be more developed due to the steroids and that she's healthy I just hope she stays in there until August 15th like she's supposed to