Photographer Crush


Fair warning... this will be a cheesy, bleeding-teenage-heart post, so look away if you're not ready ;)

Alright, so basically for a while now I’ve been intending to get into photography as I really enjoy arts and creativity and blah blah blah. Recently though, I began working at a local summer camp and the token photographer there is a boy who's two years older than me. I was pretty much immediately drawn to him because not only is he good looking and a little awkward (in a very cute way), he’s a very good photographer!

I’m normally pretty outgoing, even with boys who I find attractive, but it’s always different when I have a crush, as in being emotionally attached (which I am!).

I’ve made a few subtle attempts to talk to him but nothing has really worked thus far, and I unfortunately don’t know what else he's into except for photography. I’m too nervous to take a bold approach like I might in another scenario, so I think beginning a conversation on photography is the best way to go.

I’ve been researching the basics here and there during the past week or two, and I feel confident enough to have at least a simple conversation with him on the topic. Except.. I really can’t figure out WHAT to say to to initiate it.

Do I ask what’s a good kind of camera to get for beginners? What kind of lenses he prefers? How he got into it? I don’t know! My friends all seem to have slightly different approaches, so I’m now coming to my next most reliable source.

Let me know what you guys think! I really want things to start rolling with this guy. Thanks!