Is this an evap? I got a headache, I can’t tell!


I just took this test 15 minutes ago. Mind you, the photo was taken within the 5 minute time frame.

I am 32 days late as of today, CD 75. Last Cycle was 80 days long. I took a test this morning and it had a dye ran.

Dye ran:

Then I hold my pee for about an hour and took another, BFN:

I had an appointment with my doctor because I been feeling bad. On and off constipation and upper abdominal cramps. I don’t want to make the story too long but last year I gave birth in January and at 3 weeks Postpartum I got hospitalized and underwent 4 surgeries, 1 to remove cystic masses from my liver, 1 to insert a tube in my empathic duct, one to remove my gallbladder and 1 to remove the tube.

I was only able to BF the first 3 weeks. My periods since all of that have been very irregular.

So after the talk I had with my doctor about my current symptoms I got scared to go through more surgeries and being pregnant. I came home while I had hold my pee and retested just to clear my mind a little.

This is the results:

Idk if I’m just seeing things because I’m stressed and in pain.

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