Jacqueline • FTM!!! To a baby boy 💙

The past 2 days my hands and feet have felt swollen and itchy as hell. My whole body is itchy but my hands are the worst. This happened probably about a week or two ago as well but I thought it was because my baby’s father had gotten into poison ivy and I thought it had rubbed off on me from his clothes, bed sheets and anything he came in contact with. I have an appointment with my doctor July 18 and I plan to ask about Cholestasis since I’ve seen my itchiness have a lot of similarities to that. I just turned 37 weeks today and usually blood work takes from 1-2 weeks to come back. By then I’ll be hitting my due date. Can’t stand this itchiness and I’m scared as hell to know I could have Cholestasis since it could be dangerous for my baby.

Any advice or help in the meantime would be greatly appreciated, ways I can possibly try to ease my itchiness.

Thanks in advance!

*****Update**** Sorry for the late reply, my blood work came back negative thankfully. It was the poison ivy so I’m re-cleaning everything in my apartment and was given ointment at the doctors for the itching.