Finally Free

I am proud to say that after 2 decades of the relentless abuse from my family, I am finally moving across the country from them! 🙌🏻🎉

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t told or made to feel that I was unwanted.

“You weren’t planned, and I didn’t want a girl.” Thanks mom.

Even my own mother started treating me like I was unclean as soon as I started my period at 8 years old. She would make me keep my used pads and tampons in a separate plastic bag, and hide it in my room. “So we don’t have to smell you,” she would say.

Then once my family found out I was sexually active, it was on to being called a slut and a whore, daily. My own mother refused to use the same toilet as me without sanitizing and covering it first, wouldn’t use the same towels, or drink from the same cups as me. She is completely convinced that every sexually active person has easily transmitted STDs.

Oh, and the biggest kicker was when she tried to convince my OB-GYN that she needed to find an alternative treatment option for my PCOS other than BC, because only “unmarried, bad girls take birth control.”


Celebrate with me y’all 🤗🎉


I just wanted to thank all of you for your love and support! 💖 You have no idea how much your words help.

And to other girls who were (or are being) treated the way I was: I almost gave up many times, but WE ARE STRONGER THAN THEM, AND WE WILL MAKE IT ✊🏻