Increased palpitations


Anyone else having this?

I was already diagnosed with an arrhythmia last winter. It’s just the ever common and benign PVCs.

But since getting pregnant and especially in the last few weeks, I’m having a long and dramatic spell of palpitations and PVCs every night around the same time, after I lay down in bed to unwind.

I have an OB appointment on Wednesday and am planing to bring it up. I know these things do tend to worsen in pregnancy because of increased blood volume.

But last night it was to the point of worrying me because it was so intense and lasted so long. Like a good 45 minutes of irregular beats and flutters. No pain or chest tightness or anything, I would have gone to the ER if there had been.

But I just kind of want to make sure everything really is okay, and also ask about if there’s anything I can take to help me have less of these palpitations. They’re really bothering me 😩

Anybody else been through this? Did your doctor do anything to help you manage it?