I want to give in to temptation


To keep it simple, I met this guys at work and we became friends, I'd always liked him for more and at first he liked me and seemed interested too. He would always tell me how he wasnt ready or in the right place right now for a relationship, but that didnt stop me from thinking he wanted something eventually. It would just have to take time. I felt this way because of his actions though. I thought I was doing the right thing by sticking around being patient and being a friend, but he would always let me know that we probably wouldn't become anything. Still his actions showed me different , or so I thought. He really did make things confusing for me and I know I wasnt just crazy or seeing things that weren't there. Anyways our friendship was always rocky, back and forth, and complicated. The last time things went wrong we stopped talking officially, I started my new job and we havent spoken or seen each other in a week. I thought I'd move on but I only miss him more each day and have to keep taking myself down from sending him a message. If he missed me or felt bad at all it should be his job to come after me. Since he hasn't I'm forced to believe that he doesnt care or miss me at all. He used to miss me and want me and our friendship in his life, so I have to wonder if maybe he is just doing as I am and talking himself down as well. I feel like one of us needs to break the ice, if that is the case or we will never know. I just keep hoping a chance will come back around and that he will realize his mistake and try to get me back in his life. I never felt the way about someone that I did with him and at one point it seemed like we could have been something and that he was just too scared of getting hurt so he pushed me away as to not risk that happening. I know that if I'd been given the chance I would have loved him hard and he would have never had to worry about getting hurt with me.

p.s. this is technically keeping it short even being this long