I didn’t feel my water break


Birth story time.

So my first time in labor was awful. The delivery was awful. My daughter had to get mediflighted, in the nicu for 3 days from lack of oxygen bc she was in the canal for way too long and my body just didn’t want her out but after two hours of pushing she finally came out. 2 years later she’s perfect in every way and just became a big sister 3 days ago and LET ME TELL YOU SECOND TIME MOMS, who haven’t delivered yet and are terrified of a repeat hard labor/delivery IT WAS SO EASY.

We went in Wednesday night at 10 to get induced, they started off with the usual paper work, questions, soooo many questions, and then finally really started the process around 11:30. They inserted the little pill into my cervix (which hurt like hell) the nurse was so sweet but wasn’t not very gentle lol literally begged her to stop as she was tickling my tonsils that I don’t even have.

After she inserted, she checked me. ONLY A ONE. Wanted to cry a little, but let me tell you it got me going. Got up to walk around 12:30, back in bed at 1, contractions every 30 seconds- 2 minutes All I’m my back. Back labor is not fun and i was begging for the epidural by 2:30, nurse comes in ( a different one who was a lot nicer when checking me) well my cervix had not changed besides I thinned out a little bit. Got some morphine for the pain since the suggested i wait for the epidural until a noticeable change in dilation.

3:30 I get the other half of the pill inserted into my cervix and by 4:45 I’m crying from the back labor and beggggg for the epidural, still at a one. I didn’t care I was begging. So they called my dr and she gave the okay after another round of morphine. Got the epidural around 5-5:30 I’m not sure i was just thankful for some relief. The guy came in, shoved a needle in my back, MISSED and then did it again and got it. (My poor husband locked his knees and almost passed out Lolol)

I was so thankful after it started to kick in and slept right away for a good 2 hours. It was shift change so a new nurse came in and told me another one of her girls was about to start pushing so she’ll be back to check me in an hour. My night nurse I had (the gentle one) came in to say bye and wished me luck, decided to check me and asked if I had felt any pressure, I told her no and she laughs and says well you’re at a 10. I WENT FROM A 2 TO A 10 in less than 2 hours. Lol I asked her if my water broke bc I had been sleeping and didn’t feel any different at allllllll. Well it did AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW LOL

So at this point I’m nervous laughing bc well I knew I was about to push for two hours to get this kid out like I did with my first, nope. Not the case at alllll. 6 pushed and my little 8 pound 4 ounce second precious girl was here. Her sister was 8 pounds 11 ounces with a 15 cm head. They were both 19 inches but little sister had a 14 cm head and let me tell you I’d much rather have 8 stitches than an almost 4th degree tear.

If you’ve made it this far I applaud you. I’m long winded. Lol

Here’s little sister miss Leah Sue ❤️

Leah on the left (little sister)

Lily on the right (big sister)

Twins basically ❤️

When we all got home ❤️

2 hours after giving birth. Our perfect little family ❤️❤️❤️