Prayers if you’re the type.

Hello everyone.. I’m posting because I’m struggling right now. I’m 5 days late on my period.. and I’ve had negative tests (I haven’t tested since last Tuesday) I’m trying to wait until this following week. However that’s not the prayers I’m needing.

There is a possibility I could lose my job. I would prefer not to go into details.. but I could all the prayers, good vibes, positive energy my way.. and hopefully I will not lose my job... I don’t think I could take two negative things back to back in one week. I’m a very broken person who can be easily depressed over such minimal things..

So please nothing negatively, I chose to not go into detail. But I would really appreciate all that you are will to offer.. I know none of you know me.. but I feel we are all sisters here in way..

Thank you. And god bless you all..