Really hope this month is my month

10 days before AF is due. I am cramping but it has been off and on. Now it feels like cramps I get before my period. I have been nauseous, I have had a migraine, and I have been really tired lately. I am 5dpo and I haven’t experienced any implantation bleeding or spotting. I have felt like my stomach is stretching, but now their just cramps like usual right before evil AF. My husband and I really want a baby. I am also having creamy white discharge. I pray I don’t get my period, because every time I do I am really sad. This will be our second month trying. It seems like it is so easy for other women compared to me. How long has it taken some of you to conceive? And what were your symptoms? When did you get your BFP? ☹️ I al beginning to think I can’t have kids. Or should I just keep trying?