Female or Male OB?!? And why!?!


My husband seems confused as to why I prefer a male OB. I have had a female OB twice in my lifetime and a male OB once. The female OBs I had were both very short, physically rough, and had little bedside manner. I remember one of the female OB resorted to jamming her fingers up my hoopla because her fingers were too short to reach my cervix easily. Not the most pleasant thing in the world and she was also very catty and acted as if my questions were taking up too much of her time even though this was my first pregnancy. On the other hand, Dr. Boles, my male OB, was wonderful. He listened, he was gentle with every procedure and extremely professional. I was 100% comfortable the entire experience with him. So here’s a list of why I think I prefer a male OB:

1. Being a male in a female dominated field most likely took a LOT of determination and understanding that he would face adversity. He has probably had a TON of practice making women feel comfortable.

2. Their hands are bigger. Let’s face it, they don’t have to jam anything (fingers) anywhere to reach anything (my cervix).

3. They LISTEN and aren’t catty. They approach things with a more matter of fact perspective.

These are just my ramblings. Hope I get some comments and more opinions ✌🏼