sometimes i feel ignored


so this guy im talking to for almost 4 months is wsnting to date me i want to date him as well. but certains are just annoying cause of my past relationships. where i felt like i didnt grt enough attention and communication wasnt as great as it could have been. so sometimes when we dont talk everyday i feel like hes not giving me enough attention sometimes. like im jot expecting every single secons of the day. for him he does the graveyard shift so hes asleep during the day and i guess hes had his sleep schedule thrown off. so sometimes he sleeps for 12 hours. today we stopped talking at 2am, then a bit at 10am. then nothing since then. so now ive gotten to a point where im not even making an effort to talk to him if he doesnt want to talk. its like i know he likes me and wants to make things offical, but sometimes the actions dont line up. like i want to talk about his day or whats on his mind more. i dont wsnt to be the person doing most of the talking.