What you know about that Preseed?!🤔

👑Victoria👑 • 11.8.11👫7.23.13 🌈Praying for our Rainbow🌈

(I know this may not be the right group to ask, but I figured since this group is for women who actually are pregnant, they might have some inside tips!)

This is my second month using Preseed, I only used it one time last month and went out of town for four days the day of ovulation. Since my fertile window has begun, I've been doing a lot of research on the Preseed thing and wanted to get others input.

I read about some women using Preseed "backwards," inserting it AFTER intercourse instead of before. Has anyone tried this method and recieved a BFP?

I also read about women using an instead cup with a little Preseed after intercourse as well, to keep the sperm up there and help them swim along. Does anyone have any experience on this, or just using the instead cup afterwards?

And finally, how often do you women use Preseed? Just the day of and after ovulation, every time you BABYDANCE, only during your fertile window, or just when you get a positive OPK?

Thank you for any and all info possible!!