Kadijah • 16 years old USA

(I’m so sorry for how long this is going to be) Hi so I’m a 14 year old girl going in to 10th and I’ve had extreme problems with my body and overall physical appearance. I legitimately don’t think I’m attractive at all and all of my friends are always telling me how I’m pretty or have a good body but I can never find it in my heart to actually listen and believe them. I was extremely chubby as a kid and lost a lot of weight in middle school. I was called fat by a lot of people during that and being a young child and being called fat really harmed the way I saw myself and still see myself. Since then I’ve had body dysmorphia and anorexia on and off. I also don’t like the way my face looks I feel like my lips are too big and weird and I have a slight gap in my two front teeth. I feel like I’ve never been the pretty friend. I’ve never been the girl guys want to talk to. I’m always the one helping my friends get their dream guy and knowing mine will never like me that way. I really hate being so insecure and I hope by the start of the school year I can fix it but at this point idk. I’ve never been in a relationship (although I’ve hooked up with a guy once) and I feel like no guy will ever like me. I’m just so tired of feeling like this