The Day After a Fight.

So this morning I woke up with it on my mind, sort of putting a bad twist to my morning. Last night my SO and I had an argument. We’re long distance and I was expecting to see him this week (we see each other once a week). But he told me he didn’t want to come because its putting a lot of miles on his car and that he has a video game thing with his friends. I can’t drive over there due to a lack of a car, so its up to him on when we see each other.

So this turned into an argument, and usually with arguments i try to end them before the night is over so no weird feelings carry into the next day. But the fight didn’t really have a clean ending. Its more like “i guess it ended” hahaha.

So anyway. I woke up today thinking about it and I know i should text him. (We usually send each other a goodmorning and what we’ll be up to that day.) i shouldn’t be angry still beause his reasons seem legit. But i’m still upset. The thought of not seeing him for more than two weeks upsets me, especially because on of the reasons is for a video game.

Mind you his life is in no way obsessed with the game, but i hate that he put that on his priority. This man is an amazing boyfriend to me, probably the best i’ve ever been with.

I’m not looking for “break up with him”, i’m simply going to ask, how do you guys move on from negative feelings after fights?

Should I text him, or should I just wait until I actually feel like it?